Monday, April 30, 2007

Nike TV/C - Tag

One of the reasons I got into advertising. To make this kind of perfect commercials.

Nothing But Net

Top Ten Basketball Commercials, sans MJ versus Larry, Grandmama LJ, Barkley versus Godzilla, and the Li'l Penny series.

Now am feeling old.


Coming soon to an iBox near you? The plugin that is, not you. Yeah, you wish.

Bulls, Pistons and, erm, Warriors?

One look at the current Playoffs bracket, can't help but feeling it's the early Nineties all over again.

This is Advertising

This is how we do farewell bashes.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Love. Comes. Again!

History shall record this part as the penultimate moment in Indonesian dance music scene. Pure heaven.

Demon Vs. Heartbreaker - You Are My High

Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolook

Bring on Septian!

Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing

Solarstone - Seven Cities

Sorry this is not the clip, but the track is just too damn good. Click play and close your eyes.

Mylo Featuring Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure

Tiesto - Love Comes Again

John Digweed - Heaven Scent

Delerium Featuring Sarah McLachlan - Silence

Solid Sessions - Janeiro

Schiller mit Heppner - I Feel You

1996 - 2007

Last night we threw a farewell bash to a dear friend, Randy Rinaldi, who is leaving Leo Burnett Indonesia after eleven great years to join JWT Indonesia.

Honestly, I think he came full circle. From the day the old agency Kreasindo was renamed into Leo Burnett, until the day it became doubtful that the agency still deserves that name (please refer to last post prior to this).

You did us good, Mas Bos. JWT is damn lucky to have you.

"When to Take My Name Off the Door"

“Somewhere along the line, after I’m finally off the premises, you -- or your successors -- may want to take my name off the premises, too.

You may want to call yourselves "Twain, Rogers, Sawyer and Finn Inc." ... Or "Ajax Advertising" or something.

That will certainly be okay with me -- if it's good for you....

But let me tell you when I might demand that you take my name off the door.

That will be the day when you spend more time trying to make money and less time making advertising -- our kind of advertising.

When you forget that the sheer fun of ad-making and the lift you get out of it -- the creative climate of the place -- should be as important as money to the very special breed of writers and artists and business professionals who compose this company of ours and make it tick.

When you lose that restless feeling that nothing you do is ever quite good enough.

When you lose your itch to do the job well for its own sake -- regardless of the client, or the money or the effort it takes.

When you lose your passion for thoroughness ... your hatred of loose ends.

When you stop reaching for the manner, the overtone, the marriage of words and pictures that produces the fresh, the memorable and the believable effect.

When you stop rededicating yourselves every day to the idea that better advertising is what the Leo Burnett Company is all about.

When you are no longer what Thoreau called a "corporation with a conscience" -- which means to me, a corporation of conscientious men and women.

When you begin to compromise your integrity -- which has always been the heart's blood -- the very guts of this agency.

When you stoop to convenient expedience and rationalize yourselves into acts of opportunism -- for the sake of a fast buck.

When you show the slightest sign of crudeness, inappropriateness or smart-aleckness -- and you lose that subtle sense of the fitness of things.

When your main interest becomes a matter of size just to be big -- rather than good, hard, wonderful work.

When your outlook narrows down to the number of windows -- from zero to five -- in the walls of your office.

When you lose your humility and become big-shot weisenheimers... a little too big for your boots.

When the apples come down to being just apples for eating (or for polishing) -- no longer a part of our tone -- our personality.

When you disapprove of something, and start tearing the hell out of the man who did it rather than the work itself.

When you stop building on strong and vital ideas, and start a routine production line.

When you start believing that, in the interest of efficiency, a creative spirit and the urge to create can be delegated and administered, and forget that they can only be nurtured, stimulated and inspired.

When you start giving lip service to this being a "creative agency" and stop really being one.

Finally, when you lose your respect for the lonely man -- the man at his typewriter or his drawing board or behind his camera or just scribbling notes with one ofour big black pencils -- or working all night on a media plan. When you forget that the lonely man -- and thank God for him -- has made the agency we now havepossible. When you forget he's the man who, because he is reaching harder, sometimes actually gets hold of -- for a moment -- one of those hot, unreachable stars.

THAT, boys and girls, is when I shall insist you take my name off the door.

And by golly, it will be taken off the door.

Even if I have to materialize long enough some night to rub it out myself -- on every one of your floors.

And before I dematerialize again, I will paint out that star-reaching symbol, too.

And burn all the stationery.

And tear up a few ads in passing.

And throw every goddamned apple down the elevator shafts.

You just won't know the place the next morning.

You'll have to find another name.”


Which Trainspotting Character Are You?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday, April 19, 2007

(likemind) jkt This Friday!

Wake up people! Friday, April 20th, 8 a.m. sharp at Oh La La Cafe, Djakarta Theater Building hosted by yours truly and Budissimo.

Yo Ucup, how come I don't see you hostin' one while you're there? Dude, what gives? :)

Kopi Darat, Akihabara Style

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Monday, April 9, 2007

Hips Never Lie Indeed

Doubt that Shakira can pull this one off. Her name is Inul, in case you don't know it yet.

Deadly Act

"Diagnosis: Life or death depends on only 0.003mm of latex."

Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany.

via AOTW.

Do you have what it takes to be an Indonesian government official?

Classic pre-YT clip of the hazing at IPDN, a school for future government officials, with a staggering number of 35 fatalities up to now! This is NOT a military school, mind you.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Groove Armada - Get Down

Pleix made this for a mere USD 27,000.


This is how they should be made.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cat vs. Bear

Random Posting

First it was Silence x Disco, now it's Night x Tennis, two (quite) contradictory elements being mixed up in the latest in this era of mash-ups/collaborations/crossovers Hypebeast-style, presented by Sony Ericsson. Night Tennis, a combination of tennis, darkness, UV reactive materials and Paul Oakenfold debuted in Madrid last year, and returning to Miami in '07. Game on! (via Adverblog)

Ever wonder how you'd measure up against everything else in this universe? Nikon has the answer.

Wieden has revamped its site. Am totally speechless.