Thursday, March 29, 2007

Speed Bumps

I always pass this type of Outdoor installation everyday on my way to work, wondering what creativity can be exercised in such a boring medium. Apparently, someone out there cracked the idea big time!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

While They Were Sleeping

If the first time you don't succeed, well you know how it goes.

DPR (People's Representative Council of Indonesia) has just decided to abort its plan to order notebook computers for each and everyone of its 550-strong members, worth close to 1.35 million of taxpayers' dollars, after much publicized negative reaction from the majority of the nation.
Assuming that each unit must've been run on Windows, the outcome of this deal would've been similar to a previous "attempt" by Bill to subconsciously conquer this country. Subconscious indeed, knowing how our Anggota Dewan Yang Terhormat actually (and shamelessly) behave in (and out of) their office.
Subliminal messages embedded in screensavers, perhaps?
Or maybe they did feel the urge to collectively edit footages of their colleague in action, and further augment some, ahem, embarassing parts?
Then again, probably all of them just wanted to follow the Great Tukul Arwana's encouragement to "Kembali ke laptop!"

Monday, March 26, 2007

Are those real? (NSFW)

Cynthiara Alona, cover of Popular magazine edition No. 230, March 2007. Still available in your local magazine stands now!

Obviously, we're not talking about the authenticity of these NSFW images (also here), and no you won't find them in that magazine. For being good citizens of this hypocrite country, Indonesians are not regularly exposed to our pseudo-starlets' nudity except the infamous professional-nude-model-cum-presenter-and-now-singer Tiara's (and also this girl's illegally distributed pics), let alone a full frontal one such as this. Such occurence is a luxury in this land.
Anyhow, fake or not (honestly we're not too familiar with this type of puppies), all of us must rejoice. Finally, another ample pair of titties representing our nation that we can proudly show the world. (Bob, are you listening?) Thank God for silicones? ;)

Sunday, March 25, 2007


An interesting angle in our belief in God. Non-native speakers, do get a proper translation.

One excerpt:

"Kesalahan terbesar pertama kami lakukan sekitar 20 abad yang lalu ketika kami menunjuk seorang wanita agar menjadi ibu bagi gen manusia dari masa depan, kami gunakan teknologi bila dijamanmu menyebutnya dengan nama teknik “Inseminasi Buatan ( Artificial Insemination)”"

And another:

"Maka kami mengutus seorang agen kami muncul dihadapan pedagang biasa yang suka menyendiri di suatu goa. Tampang agen kami yang separuh Manusia dari planet lain (alien) dan separuh manusia membuatnya takut. Hal ini terpaksa kami lakukan, sebab dialah agen terbaik kami disaat itu.

Kami mencoba membuka fikirannya dengan kata-kata “Belajarlah, mulai belajarlah membaca, dan baca tentang ilmu pengetahuan yang ditulis oleh manusia dan jangan terjebak dengan hal-hal ghaib atas nama kemanusiaan”"

Based on this guy's dream.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007

Shutting Down

Be back in 24 hours!

Again, Bukkake

Just don't think too much into it. But the cowgirl's reaction? Brilliant.

Free Breast Exams?

Or you may leave me a message. (Am their local "representative".)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And we wonder why...

we sucked internationally. Above are examples from a local students competition's entries.

Cosplay With Me

via Tokyo Mango.

Cosplay is catching up real fast here in Jakarta, with regular events being held almost every month. Hopefully the above reference will set a benchmark in the judging process.

Let Your Fingers Do Basically Everything

In the future, humans shall rely on fingers for everything. Entertainment, past time, you name it.

Quick and Painless

Obviously, JWT managed to survive thru this 100 Ways to Kill a Concept first before pulling that Bronze feat off. Ain't all 100 of them sounding very familiar to us.

#95 and #35 are my personal favorites.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Elusive Metal

It took 10 AP AdFests for the Indonesian ad industry to finally deserve a metal. Earlier tonight, JWT Indonesia took the stage to receive a Bronze for this Sunsilk's Outdoor version Tow Truck (which was a Shortlist in Cannes Lions 2006 and won Outdoor Grand Prix in Citra Pariwara 2006).


The mantra is always "Gold in Citra Pariwara should equal a minimum of Bronze in AP AdFest." Finally we got it right this time. Also, the selection of Lia Lenggogeni as one of the Judges proved to be right. At her age, she might just be Indonesia's answer to Jureeporn.
Brand/Client: Sunsilk – (PT Unilever Indonesia)
Agency: (PT Wira Pamungkas Pariwara) - JWT
Creative Directors: Juhi Kalia, Chandra Anwar
Art Directors: Chandra Anwar, Peddy Suryadinata
Copywriter: Lia Lenggogeni
Producers: Hadi Ramadhan, Gina Virginia, Yanto, Onny W.
DOP/Photographer: Shooting Gallery Singapore

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mayangsari Teriak Akan Cekik Gusti Randa

Whoa, how come I didn't catch this on the infotainment?

Now it's your turn ;)

March 14th. Remember the great time we had on Valentine's Day? Ladies, it is time to return the favor.

Innocent TV/C

And to think (according to Adrants) that this work was only produced for a pitch! Wonder if the agency does get the account eventually.

Advertising 101

Quoting the Man himself, Sir George Parker, that "Everyone is an expert at three things. Driving a car, making love and creating advertising."

The people at Zooppa totally agree with him, lo and behold their challenge for all of us "I give you a brand. You make an ad. You rate the best ones. I pay you!"

Damn. And I thought I had a career here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Win a Honda Jazz!

Yes am being shameless, but who wouldn't wanna win this! Honda Racing Games is back for the 2007 F1 season, so sharpen your prediction skills, consult Mama Laurent even, and get your submission right each and every race. And a yellow Honda Jazz could be yours! (Untuk mengikuti permainan ini sama sekali tidak dipungut biaya.)

Or if trying your chances in winning a fabulous car is not your thing, you may play an environmental friendly game here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

(likemind) jkt This Friday!

This guy's writing is just too good, and he's no Copywriter but a brilliant Planner!


Rise and shine Jakarta!

Time for a cuppa and a chat with likeminded people... again. Likemind Coffee Mornings Jakarta is back for its 2nd edition.

When? Friday, 16th March

Where? The same place partner: Starbucks, Setiabudi One

What time? Aha, now this is the real tester: 8 am! Yeah, now no excuses! You said you had to work at 9 last time so we moved it an hour back. And since we've taken up the moral responsibility to get this city's lazy ass moving a little faster, we won't move it to the evening :)

Now it's only a question of how eager you are to meet new, interesting, likeminded people and have a chat as the mesmerising aroma of freshly brewed coffee rises from a steaming cup of hot coffee on a beautiful Friday morning... mmmm! All you need to give up is the third degree you give your alarm clock every morning for the lure of another 15 minutes of sleep. Anyways, what can we say about a civilisation that wakes up each morning to the sound of an alarm clock.

Who? Anyone who wants to have coffee and talk. Anyone who wants to have coffee and not talk. Anyone who wants to talk but not drink any coffee.

Why? Because some people want to have coffee and talk. Because some people wanna have coffee and watch other people talk. Because some people wanna talk and watch others drink coffee.

And yes, just because it's not mentioned doesn't mean you can't get your friends. You can even get your dog if you like. Who knows, one thing might lead to another and it could meet someone interesting too! But mind you, it pays for the coffee it orders (no idea if Starbucks has special dog coffee though).

And please be generous and forward this mail to as many likeminded people as you can. The more, the merrier.

And if this world is coming to an end, you're losing sleep over this or you get lost on your way to Starbucks on Friday, please feel free to call Arya at +62 811 891 897 or me at +62 81 3838 177 84.

See you on Friday!

Stop yawning


Monday, March 12, 2007

Never Easy

Another post on cats, am guilty as charged, I just love those bloody little fellas. For those of you in purgatory (read: advertising), you'll relate to this. Directing cats is hell!

"My Boobs Are OK"

And my blood pressure just shot thru the roof!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

So you've gone all that trouble in producing your commercial,

and look who's actually watching it now. 30-sec is dead, people.

Nothing New Under The Sun Indeed

Found this piece by Grey New Delhi for a push-up bra, which is a dead ringer to this initiative (and unpublished?) work by a good friend of mine from way back in 2005. The only difference is the camera angle, obviously. Doubt that one got inspired by the other, or vice versa. But I think I'd be able to say to them Indian creatives, "BEEN DONE!" Ha. Just goes to show that if we don't act quick on an idea, somebody else will.

Wondering No More

Probably most of us could only wonder (for the rest of eternity) whether this pair is actually free from any method of, er, support, but Jamie Cullum must've gotten the real answer should this juicy rumor about his private "post party" after Java Jazz Festival 2007 turn out to be true. Yeah, everyone knew he partied hard at Embassy until Sunday morning. But not many people knew that he went to the same club once again after his concert on Sunday night, and allegedly that girl -- with the questionable pair -- came out from his room before him on Monday afternoon. Go figure.

Non-native speakers, do get a proper translation.


Java Jazz Day 4

Berita tentang Jamie clubbing di Embassy hari Sabtu malem sampe jam 6 pagi kita semua udah pasti tahu lah ya. Tapi tahukah kita kalo Minggu malemnya setelah dia perfom di JCC dia clubbing lagi di Embassy? This time, dia ga hanya ditemeni band crew-nya aja, tapi ada cewek juga yang nemeni, and not one but TW females,, namanya: Ayu Azhari dan Sarah Azhari!

It's true, people. Jadi selama di Embassy mereka berdua duduk ngapit Jamie Cullum, dan ada satu kejadian dimana Ayu langsung grabbed Jamie's face and kissed him in the mouth. Sementara, Sarah lagi cari- cari akal untuk nyaingi kakaknya yang udah score. But anyway, selama clubbing si Jamie di'temeni' terus oleh kakak beradik Azhari itu.

Senin siangnya nih, head of security-nya nungguin Jamie Cullum keluar kamar untuk checkout. Waktunya berangkat ke Bali , joo. Tapi kok udah jam 3 sore belum keluar juga yaa? Oh, hang on, ada yang keluar tuh! Is that Jamie? No, it's a girl, with long hair, lookin' sexy. The security head looked a bit more closely. Dia kira mungkin itu Sarah Azhari? Oh,ternyata bukan! Itu Rahma Azhari! Diikuti oleh Jamie Cullum yang pake kacamata item bawa tas trolley....

(Meanwhile, Ayu Azhari tau-tau jalan dari luar masuk ke lobby hotel Sultan, dan mulai chatting excitedly sama salah satu anggota band asing yang perform di Java Jazz. temen gue ga tau namanya siapa, tapi yang jelas dia good looking. Cari mangsa baru mungkin?)

So guys, let's do the math. Jamie Cullum clubbing di Embbasy di'temeni' ama Ayu dan Sarah Azhari. And then, somewhere private in the Sultan dia di'temeni' Rahma Azhari for a looong time, sampe tiba waktunya dia catch a plane ke Bali untuk liburan not for three days, but a week there! Mungkinkah the Azharis akan menyusul Jamie kesana? Ato mungkin giliran other professional groupies who will do the job with the high payment and a better service rather than them? Hehehe

Only a spy in Bali may find out...

Cheers your Heineken to the unforgettable three days of Java Jazz 2007(and the bitter aftertaste.. .hehehe)

Random Pattern

Apparently, the divine powers somehow decided that the going rate for Indonesian air travel accidents (as mentioned in Step 5) should also be applicable for the national airline (so much for their on-going “double-checked safety” campaign on TV), not just low cost carriers. Hence the unfortunate crash landing in Yogyakarta's airport on a pristine Wednesday morning which inexplicably stretches this strange convention well into the third month of 2007. Deepest condolences all around, here’s wishing the streak to end immediately.

Anyhow, someone pointed out this pattern in the randomness of local incidents so far this year. Something about the numbers. Eerie, huh.

01.01 AdamAir disappearance into thin air.
02.02 Jakarta’s worst flood ever recorded.
02.22 Levina ferry burned at sea.
03.03 Nusa Tenggara Timur’s landslide.

07.03.07 Garuda’s Boeing 737 crashed and burned.

Any idea what’s in store for April 4th?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Animate This!

This is getting too much, all this semi-User Generated Any-crap. First, Nike wanted us to play Offline Editor. Then Tiger Beer seduced us to play Sound Engineer.

Now it's Instant Kiwi's turn, and how could one resist the lure of being an Animator.

Vintage at Its Best

Sometimes what a campaign needs is a free pair. (Vintage Ad's Journal, via CMM)

Well, 2015 is not that far away now.

27,000 signatures and counting on, who wouldn't want one?

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Another New Hope?

So simple, wonder why anyone hasn't thought of this. Fingers crossed! (Agency: Ogilvy Indonesia)

Friday, March 2, 2007

Reverse Evolution

Agency: CP+B.

George Parker pointed out this sad fact after comparing these Volkswagen ads which are 40 years apart, somehow every element in the newer one has been supersized. So much in trying to evolve our right brain.

Agency: DDB.

A New Hope?

Eventually we will see this as an entry in some award shows, you can wipe that surprised look on your face now. At least, now it's much much better than these. (Agency: DraftFCB Indonesia)