Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Statistically Correct? pt. 3

Now that the date had (again) safely passed me by, herewith some random statistic I managed to compile for no particular reason but to exhibit the shift in social behavior of human beings in relation to technology.

For all of your well wishes (you know who you are), only the sincerest gratitude from the bottom of my heart. Me heart you all.

On with the breakdown.

03.26% called directly to my mobile

14.24% sent text messages

03.56% sent instant messages

09.79% posted in mailing lists, while 00.89% sent personal e-mails

55.49% left messages/testimonials in Facebook (with another 00.89% in friendster)

05.64% are at work already

Concluded with quite a surprise from this last one below.

06.23% sent real-time messages with BlackBerry Messenger

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