Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Statistically Correct?

Finally the dreaded date safely passed me by, and herewith some random statistic I managed to compile for no particular reason but to exhibit the shift in social behavior of human beings.

For all of you (you know who you are), much gratitude from the deep of my soul. To quote a good friend's catchphrase, I love you all.

From all the warm wishes I gratefully received, below is the breakdown.

11.36% called directly to my mobile (the death of fixed land lines?)
58.33% sent text messages
03.79% sent instant messages
10.61% posted in mailing lists
08.33% left messages/testimonials in social networking sites
07.58% are at work already

Were the percentages in direct proportion to how closely related we are? No.

Even the closest of my friends resorted to the ever powerful text messages.

Makes you wonder how the numbers would've stacked up a decade ago, eh. Obviously, x % thru fixed land lines, and the remaining y % either bumped at work or afterhours. That's all.

Probably in the future, all humans will no longer possess the capability of direct physical interaction. Eerie indeed.

Wonder how we managed to actually make phone calls, not so long ago.

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