Friday, December 15, 2006

Vato Theorem, My Favorite Example

Of all the facts supporting the Vato Theorem and 2004 AD as the Midpoint of Time, this particular one is simply too mind-bending.

2002 AD
- Leo Burnett Indonesia won Best of Show at local award Citra Pariwara, but the honor was recalled due to an alleged scam scandal. Therefore, no Best of Show for the year
- Bali bombing incident, exactly one day after Citra Pariwara

2003 AD
- Leo Burnett Indonesia was banned from participating in this year's Citra Pariwara. Best of Show won by Ogilvy Indonesia

2004 AD
- Leo Burnett Indonesia is back in Citra Pariwara. Somehow the Judging Committee decided there would be no Best of Show for the year
- Australian Embassy bombing incident, exactly one day before Citra Pariwara

Coincidence? If it was, why 2004 AD then.

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