Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ini Kandang Siapa?

Last Saturday night was the day Nike Indonesia hit the jackpot thru its spot-on Ini Kandang Kita! campaign, since literally thousands of rabid supporters flooded the Gelora Bung Karno all dressed in red. And for that special night, somehow Plaza Senayan was converted into a makeshift parking zone for the upscale crowd trying to both avoid the (quite possibly) riotous aftermath and showing off their recently bought shiny replica jerseys.

Unfortunately, the Indonesian squad eventually lost the match to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2 to 1. The match was not the only thing dearly lost that night, though.

Between the 9 of us boys, one Nokia mobile phone and one Raymond Weil wristwatch priced around IDR 4,000,000 were the casualties. Hence the not-so-happy faces of two of our friends in this picture, and one was not even seated in the same section due to a mixed up ticket! Poor guy, and I quote, kalau tahu sampai harus keluarin empat juta perak begini sih gue harusnya bisa nonton duduk dipangku SBY! But the zaniest thing was,

The whole time, we were seated one row behind this particular young lady who was busy tinkering with her Nokia 9300, seemingly not genuinely interested in the match going on in front of her, when suddenly near the end of the 2nd half’s injury time she decided to call it a night and made her way up the aisle and to the exit. And a few moments later, Saudi Arabia scored the winning goal.

Allegedly, she was designated by the PSSI to prevent the goals. Here in Indonesia, it is not uncommon to summon this kind of "specialists". But why she LEFT before the match ended, shall remain unanswered.

And it doesn’t matter anymore. South Korea just beat our ass, 1 – 0.

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