Sunday, May 13, 2007

Consumer Generated Sports

Ah, the sweet smell of the Playoffs! However, this year's bracket sure brings back a lot of memories. And with the Jazz, Warriors and Bulls back in the picture, it must be safe to assume that we're officially in the 90s again.

But 2007 just ain't goin' out that easy, don't you even think about it. As fittingly vintage as it seems, now the "it" phrase CG no longer stands for Computer Graphics (well, ain't that one a true classic) but Consumer Generated, or in layman's term, ordinary people dishing out mediocre crap.

Apparently 2007's CG has also infected the NBA, especially in a post-Jordan era when living legends no longer roam the hardwood. Cases in point:

Western Conference Semis
  • Utah Jazz having heydays over their opponents without the household names of Stockton and/or Malone on any of their jerseys but a mere Boozer?
  • Golden State Warriors making it this far without Run TMC but a bunch of regulars?

Eastern Conference Semis

With all due respect to LeBron, I believe the "consumers" have taken over the league.

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gmbrz said...

Oh well, nothing can top the NBA's golden generation from the mid 80s to the mid 90s. If only they had cloned the original Dream Team and cryogenically froze them so they can be trotted out every spring to replace the current young impostors that'd be sweet. Anyway, some observations:

- The names are Williams and Boozer now instead of Stockton and Malone, but the Jazz still run the same friggin' pick and roll plays.
- Golden State is making a run in the playoff, Nellie is the coach, and they have a player named Sarunas in their bench. Sounds familiar ? hmm ...