Monday, March 26, 2007

Are those real? (NSFW)

Cynthiara Alona, cover of Popular magazine edition No. 230, March 2007. Still available in your local magazine stands now!

Obviously, we're not talking about the authenticity of these NSFW images (also here), and no you won't find them in that magazine. For being good citizens of this hypocrite country, Indonesians are not regularly exposed to our pseudo-starlets' nudity except the infamous professional-nude-model-cum-presenter-and-now-singer Tiara's (and also this girl's illegally distributed pics), let alone a full frontal one such as this. Such occurence is a luxury in this land.
Anyhow, fake or not (honestly we're not too familiar with this type of puppies), all of us must rejoice. Finally, another ample pair of titties representing our nation that we can proudly show the world. (Bob, are you listening?) Thank God for silicones? ;)

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