Tuesday, March 13, 2007

(likemind) jkt This Friday!

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Rise and shine Jakarta!

Time for a cuppa and a chat with likeminded people... again. Likemind Coffee Mornings Jakarta is back for its 2nd edition.

When? Friday, 16th March

Where? The same place partner: Starbucks, Setiabudi One

What time? Aha, now this is the real tester: 8 am! Yeah, now no excuses! You said you had to work at 9 last time so we moved it an hour back. And since we've taken up the moral responsibility to get this city's lazy ass moving a little faster, we won't move it to the evening :)

Now it's only a question of how eager you are to meet new, interesting, likeminded people and have a chat as the mesmerising aroma of freshly brewed coffee rises from a steaming cup of hot coffee on a beautiful Friday morning... mmmm! All you need to give up is the third degree you give your alarm clock every morning for the lure of another 15 minutes of sleep. Anyways, what can we say about a civilisation that wakes up each morning to the sound of an alarm clock.

Who? Anyone who wants to have coffee and talk. Anyone who wants to have coffee and not talk. Anyone who wants to talk but not drink any coffee.

Why? Because some people want to have coffee and talk. Because some people wanna have coffee and watch other people talk. Because some people wanna talk and watch others drink coffee.

And yes, just because it's not mentioned doesn't mean you can't get your friends. You can even get your dog if you like. Who knows, one thing might lead to another and it could meet someone interesting too! But mind you, it pays for the coffee it orders (no idea if Starbucks has special dog coffee though).

And please be generous and forward this mail to as many likeminded people as you can. The more, the merrier.

And if this world is coming to an end, you're losing sleep over this or you get lost on your way to Starbucks on Friday, please feel free to call Arya at +62 811 891 897 or me at +62 81 3838 177 84.

See you on Friday!

Stop yawning


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