Thursday, March 8, 2007

Random Pattern

Apparently, the divine powers somehow decided that the going rate for Indonesian air travel accidents (as mentioned in Step 5) should also be applicable for the national airline (so much for their on-going “double-checked safety” campaign on TV), not just low cost carriers. Hence the unfortunate crash landing in Yogyakarta's airport on a pristine Wednesday morning which inexplicably stretches this strange convention well into the third month of 2007. Deepest condolences all around, here’s wishing the streak to end immediately.

Anyhow, someone pointed out this pattern in the randomness of local incidents so far this year. Something about the numbers. Eerie, huh.

01.01 AdamAir disappearance into thin air.
02.02 Jakarta’s worst flood ever recorded.
02.22 Levina ferry burned at sea.
03.03 Nusa Tenggara Timur’s landslide.

07.03.07 Garuda’s Boeing 737 crashed and burned.

Any idea what’s in store for April 4th?

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