Monday, February 26, 2007

Retirement Plan

Have you ever wondered where agency people went to retire from the biz after whoring countless years of zero-conscience capitalism work?

Most crossed to the client-side (especially the account types), lured by the glitter of huge take-home-pay packages and annual bonuses.

Few graduated to become Writers (of script or book) and Film Directors, like Yasmin Ahmad.

But only one became Manchester United’s Group Commercial Director. Now that's divine intervention.

For me, I see porn on my horizon (unfortunately, Playboy Indonesia beat me to that). Vivid Indonesia, anyone?


A good agency friend of mine has this theory once, that if the Cannes International Film Festival is the "granddaddy of all film festivals" while we're still daydreaming about Lion statues, then a career shift to porn (an actual full-length film industry, not just bloated 30-seconders) would actually mean that we're moving up the food chain!

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