Monday, February 26, 2007

Tale of Two Idols

As much as I hate the Indonesian take of it, am pretty much a victim to the months-long delayed-broadcast behemoth that is American Idol. And not for the singing, dare I say. You'll see why.

Jennifer Hudson of 2004's Top 12 (she finished 7th), bagged an Oscar in the 79th Annual Academy Awards for Best Actress in A Supporting Role with the movie Dreamgirls. Now that's what I call living the American Dream. Take that, B!

Antonella Barba of 2007's Top 24 (she's safe in the top 20, as of today), sucked. Literally. (Well, at least she won't be needing this even though she'd still better skip his) vote for her, America! Ain't she the true All-American Girl? Can't wait what Simon has to say about this. Watching her holding a microphone will never be the same.

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