Monday, February 12, 2007

A Country without Shame

Ah, how we still remember not so long ago, when someone claimed to have found the wreckage of the doomed Adam Air which ended up to be a total joke. But apparently nobody claimed responsibility for this misinformation, even the KNKT (National Transportation Safety Committee) classified this embarassing incident as mere human error. On which the presiding Kepala Staf Angkatan Udara (Indonesian Air Force Head of Staff) geniusly followed up with his reassurance to START relying upon visual confirmation before releasing further official statement on the search progress. Which I'd say, "HELLO?! If not thru visual, what on earth were they relying upon all this time? Paranormal?"

Fast forward 30 days or so, and Indonesians, notoriously famous for their incapability to multitask and digest more than one information at a time, were already overwhelmed by the immense media coverage when the capital city was hit hard by flood resulting from a torrent of heavy rain which incapacitated 60% of its area. Then again, nobody came forward to accept responsibility for this catastrophy, even though it had been warned many many times that the 2002 flood will eventually repeat itself. Or probably Bang Yos did have a better idea on how to optimize this oversupply of water. NOT!

Bottomline is, when the shit hits the fan, more often than not Indonesians will refute any claim of accountability. Even on the smallest injustice of public flatulence!

Compared to this act by the Head of Cartoon Network over the guerilla marketing stunt gone awry in Boston, when he could've simply fired his alternative-marketing agency, we have no shame indeed.

Guess it will be decades before Indonesian leaders evolve into someone like Obama.

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