Monday, February 26, 2007

Unplug Your Life

Around two months ago, people all around the world were encouraged to participate in a global coital movement. Therefore, being the fully-evolved bunnies that we are, we duly obliged and screwed our brains out exactly on that fateful day (ahem, at least I contributed my part) which probably did produce enough "positive energy" to actually force some sort of a long overdue withdrawal (not to mention another element which collectively must have been more than a, erm, cube-full).

But now, while we wait for 2007's Synchronized Global Orgasm (as if people actually need a reason to f*ck like bunnies every now and then), all of us can look forward to one month from now for the Shutdown Day, when people everywhere will be encouraged to *gasp* live one full day without a computer! Scary, huh.

Hell, I know I can.

You want to know why? Simply because March 24th, 2007 is a Saturday, people. Unlike most people Stateside, us Indonesians are quite strangers to the term "always-on broadband", let alone having it connecting our homes. If we ain't workin', why bother bootin'. I think we're going to pass this experiment just fine.

Just don't ask me to switch off my mobile.

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