Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Bet You Will

Frankly speaking, I should’ve placed the following prediction on (I had even registered myself there alongside the likes of Nathan Myhrvold) but it demanded me to pay up USD 50 either by cheque or credit card, and that is ONLY to get it published. Being the cheap bastard that I am, obviously I opted for this method instead. So here goes.

“By 2022, JVC Everio (or whatever name it would’ve evolved/renamed by then) series of tapeless camcorder will market a model tiny enough to be strapped on the side of your head (with the risk of looking totally retarded, but who knows) yet with enough memory capacity to record your WHOLE life as you would’ve seen it, 24/7 (with a predicted average human life expectancy of 75 years, on a YouTube-esque lowest resolution option), except for the occasional recharging periods. Come to think of it, buy additional batteries and desktop charger while you’re at it.”

Therefore, you can start taping the life of your grandchild from the moment he/she is born, non-stop, all with only a single device. Hopefully this device will last as long as him/her.

I would’ve bet on memory implants which record directly from the part of brain which receives nerve signals from the eyes. Or at best, cerebral syncording process a la that current Governor of California’s movie The Sixth Day. But I still want to live when the time comes to collect my win, which means that, according to the Death Clock, my mortal deadline (pun intended) will fall on Monday, September 30, 2047.

But then again, in an honest attempt to avoid lawsuits from, I will NOT accept any real bet. This prediction is solely just for pure fun (and the bragging rights which shall automatically follow, of course). No one can convince me otherwise, ever. If you want to make money, or real bet, go to Vegas. But if you want to collect some winnings which will become philanthropic gifts, please go there, register, make prediction(s) and pay the publishing fee(s). Yes, this is a personal endorsement for that site. Just don’t shamelessly copy my prediction above, unless you want to split the winning amount.

Disclaimer: Please don't put YOUR prediction(s) here. Not in the comments section, or anywhere else for that matter. Ever.

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