Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why Didn’t We Think of These Before?

via Adrants.

The Aussie dude who was selling his life on eBay Australia (actually his persona, not life per se) ended up with a highest bid of AUD 7,500 as per closing date (Jan 23rd, 2007) from a person in the UK. That is 24+ years worth of life, priced only for a mere AUD 7,500. Is this an example on how people value ordinary people’s lives, when soccer stars are earning millions a year? But still, apparently the top bidders are bailing out now. Probably they were not taking him seriously, or probably they thought that this sale is only a big joke. Whatever. My respect stays with Nicael. Actually, he is planning to embark on a journey around the world in search for his new persona, without spending even a single cent of money. Hope he'll find his serious buyer. Read more here.

And you think that dude is weird? Another artist dude in France somehow got too much inspiration from one particular film genre, as he has been collecting human sperm (yes, sperm) from around the globe to fill up his project. Am thinking of making my contribution, anyone care to follow?

Hidden codes embedded in TV commercials? Big deal. Subliminal messages? Ho hum. Funny how something which would have been cutting edge in some country is already considered old trick in another.

Lastly, this is where local programs such as Paranoia on O Channel should take their clues from when airing coverage on Jakarta’s night scene. We are definitely better than Taiwanese, aren’t we? (via Vidmeter)

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