Monday, January 15, 2007

Random Posting

Cool Hunter recently announces that it will be expanding into traditional media namely printed magazine alongside book series and TV show, taking the step from the virtual into the real (if such segregation still does exist). But isn’t that kind of reversing the whole notion of coolness itself, selling out from the niche into the mainstream? From web to newsstands? Or were they simply one upped the cool crowd by converting the method of coolness by definition? I don’t think I just made much sense, do I. So much for trying to be cool.

From now on, TBWA\ shall also be known as The Big What Adventure. Cue in the sounds of Art Directors – Copywriters all around the globe blurting in harmony “What the F?!” as the agency renowned for creating Disruption is at it again, this time defying the age old convention that ads should only be made by ad agencies. Because now almost anyone with even only a single minuscule creative bone in his/her entire body has been enabled to pitch in ideas for real briefs and *gasp* submit creative concepts for actual ad campaigns! Hell, even being invited to do so. Isn’t that taking the whole concept of User-Generated Content a bit too far? But then again, probably this is the ad industry’s latest futile attempt to gain respect from the rest of humanity, given that the more “creative” crap we shall receive from the general public will, in turn, make us look much much better and deserving of our “hefty” paychecks and glitzy hedonistic lifestyle.

Lastly, I don't think an explanation will be needed for this guilty pleasure. Exactly just what Indonesian celebrities need, a dose of reality.

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