Monday, January 29, 2007

Idea is Nothing without Marketing?

Alright, have to admit that am a chronic trend slut wannabe. Jumping on any blogging bandwagon which is about to hit mainstream, e.g. Kirsty Hobbs' The View From Your Window.

This time around, thru Stan's Brand DNA, I pounced upon Iain Tait's idea of Computers Behind Blogs.

But then again, was it really his original idea?

Because when I did search the keyword "computersbehindblogs", the result (at time of this post) actually showed two Flickr groups with EXACTLY the same thought behind them. And Iain's was started roughly one week after the other (allegedly the first one), yet apparently his has become the more popular one.

Honestly I doubt that Iain stole this idea, this must be another case of them "nothing new under the sun" and "great minds think alike" idioms at work.

Probably it won't matter who comes up with any new idea, but the first one to popularize it would be the most likely to reap the benefits (and the credits too, perhaps).

Anywho, having seen the computer I've been tampering with for this blog, I don't think you'd still wonder why the posts here were mostly crap. Right?

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