Monday, January 15, 2007

Return of The King

It’s official! The King shall return to Indonesia. As released in an official statement to major media earlier this year, with the first restaurant scheduled to open in June. First, eh? Well, not if my memory serves me right. Hey, I am right! At least this blog validates me. Déjà vu?

Still, Burger King might be a dominant force Stateside especially with all that fancy campaigns such as this one belted out by CP+B, but here in proud Indonesia it has to bow before the omnipresent Blenger Burger. Look, even BK’s logo is eerily similar to BB’s!

Wonder who was copying who, because I smell TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT! Let the court battle begin. We all already know who is going to kick whose ass anyway.

Come to think of it, how about these two below? Logo inspired by one, recipe by another? Hmm.

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